Another Post About The Heap, er, I Mean Jeep

It’s back to school around here and that means we are back to answering to that darn alarm clock.

I hate my alarm clock and I hate the back-to-the-grind schedule. We lay out clothes, pack snacks, and place the backpack right next to the door so that our morning routine goes smoothly.

I am counting down the weeks until Summer.

And I count down the hours until the weekend.

Because the weekends mean family time with my three favorite fellas!

On Saturday, I accompanied this guy,

on a little ride in this,

We tested the waters

and drove through this

and barrelled right over top of these

with ease.

I looked over at McDaddy’s seat and saw what I thought was a leaf,

And then I squealed when it did this, because it hit me that no, it was not a leaf.

So yes, I squealed on a trail ride during another offroading extravaganza, yet again.

And then I smiled.

Because I got to spend the day with these guys,

And that works for me!

Visit We Are THAT Family to see what works for others!

Using My Charm

I was recently contacted by CSN Stores about the possibility of reviewing a product or hosting a giveaway. As I have mentioned before, they have over 200 stores and offer just about anything you or I or anyone else for that matter could dream of. They offer thousands of products ranging from rugs, luggage, glassware, furniture, lamps, and dutch ovens. They even have an entire site of pressure washers.

In the near future, I’ll be reviewing another great product.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll use my charm to persuade the folks at CSN provide a second for a give-away.

Head over to my Review Page to find out more about the product….

What I Learned This Week

Guess what I learned this week?

What’s That?

Oh, you want a list? Okay, um, sure.

1. Well, for starters, I learned that it really makes no difference what kind of shoes I’m wearing. I am simply a klutz. Period. End of story. Except it’s not the end of the story because the truth is that I can slide down a hill whether I’m wearing flip-flops or tennis shoes.

2. Next, I learned when you get the bright idea to go nosing around a big, fancy neighborhood, you should pay attention to the roads you are driving on or else you might end up driving in circles for twenty minutes trying to find your way out.

3.  When you are in Slowes, er, I mean Lowes with your two sweet boys, you should be aware that there are many, many things to divert their attention from staying with you. AND, if by chance your child gets separated from you, even for a mere few seconds, you can bet the whole episode will teach him (them) a very important lesson.

4. The next time you run across a blog give-away, you should most definitely sign your name on the dotted line because you could win a Razor Rip-Rider, four marble racers, a lifetime membership to Clickin’ Moms, and a $25.00 gift certificate to Chef’s Requested in a matter of months.


5. According to some joker on The View, deep conditioning is the most important thing for great hair. He advises, “Don’t just plop the conditioner on top of your head and rub it in because the body of your hair needs the conditioner way more than your roots do.”

6. With the proper motivation, it is totally possible for two determined gals with a truck-load of ambition and a truck to “waller” a lift-chair into the back of the truck and out of the truck again upon arriving at the destination. In fact, they could start their own business.

7. According to another joker on The View, ‘the cupcake business is dramatic’ – well alrightythen!

Can you tell I’m writing this post while watching The View?

8. Baked ziti is a hit around here. If I had any sense whatsoever I’d fix it every. single. day. because the kids love it!

9. You can put just about anything in the washer. So far today, I’ve washed three pairs of tennis shoes, a DS case, a backpack, and a hat.

10. Everybody Loves Raymond is still one of the funniest shows on TV. Especially Ray’s daddy.

Who knew I knew so much stuff?

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Ok, I think that’s all.

Cheaper Than Therapy

On Monday’s, I play a different kind of gig around here and tell you, my loyal readers about some things I definitely did not do.

It’s way better (and cheaper!) than therapy and the way I see it is, if I’m going to do dumb stuff, why not share my dumb stuff?

Y’all know I’m crazy, right?

It was not me who came thisclose to letting out a big-ole squeal in the middle of the preaching at church last evening because the stupid underwire in my bra broke through the cloth and jabbed me in the armpit. Not me, because first of all, I don’t squeal.


I did not get all teary eyed during an episode of Undercover Boss last night. I’m not really a crier and I am definitely not an emotional person.

Oh my word, I love that show.

I did not accidentally steal a data cable from a hotel thinking that it actually belonged to McDaddy.

Oh shoot, y’all, no I did not.

I am not the queen of returning merchandise (that does not hold up to normal wear and tear) and I do not have two pairs of shoes ready to be returned.

I am not  at this very minute trying to figure out how in the heck I could have a stupid fever blister on my lower lip at the end of August.

Nope, not me.

Have a great week, y’all!

Minding Your Business

Google sends quite a bit of business my way.

I am easily entertained as I read the searches that send people to From Inmates To Playdates. And what better way to entertain you, my loyal readers (all eight of you!), than to share those searches. I’ve picked a few to share this time.

Get a load of these…

Knoxville, Tennessee arrived from on “What I Learned At The Funeral Home” by searching for can anyone watch an embalming process.

  • Hello, Knoxville! I’m not sure if just anyone can watch an embalming process because its not for just anybody. It takes someone with a lot of quirks a strong stomach to watch the process. It also helps if you have a friend who is a mortician. Good luck with your future funeral home endeavors. I’d love to hear what you think.

Laurel, Mississippi arrived from on “Wow! That’s weird. – From Inmates to Playdates” by searching for i tried to remove milia from my face and there is a deep bleeding hole.

  • Laurel, Mississippi, I’m glad you’re here but I’m not glad to hear about your problem with the um, deep bleeding hole . Wow, that’s a new one. It’s not everyday someone announces they have a ‘deep bleeding hole’ just before arriving at FITP, Inc. I must admit that using that milia tool didn’t appear to be too difficult and definitely not that dangerous. I’m sorry to say there’s probably not too much info around here to help with the deep bleeding hole but hearing about yours will definitely cause me to rethink using the tool on my self someday. So thanks so much! Good luck to you!

United States arrived from on “Letters To Crazy People – From Inmates to Playdates” by searching for crazy jeep people.

  • Those crazy jeep people are just that – CRAZY. They get their kicks by driving through creeks, over rocks, and straight up hillsides. They are serious about their jeeps and loyal to their peeps. Oh, and with my level of crazy, I fit right in with them.

Elk City, Oklahoma arrived from on “What I Learned At The Funeral Home” by searching for grossest part of being a funeral director.

  • What’s up, Elk City? I have no idea what the grossest part of being a funeral director is because, um, I don’t happen to be one, but the grossest part of the embalming process was definitely aspirating the internal organs with a trocar. If you’re interested, you can certainly visit John T. Google to find out more about that, because there are very few people who want to hear about the actual details of the embalming. Thanks for stopping by!

Fpo, Armed Forces Pacific arrived from on “Today on Guantanamo Bay” by searching for no vacancy windward brig GTMO.

  • Fpo Armed Forces Pacific how goes it? There was no room in the inn when I was on Guantanamo Bay back in 2009, because either 1. they have very few jail cells, or 2. they have way too many criminals on the island. Either way, I sure hope you don’t have plans to end up in the brig any time soon. I speak from experience when I say jail is not a place you want to be. Trust me on this one.

Middletown, Delaware arrived from on “Feeding Me A Line!” by searching for you sold me a line this time.

  • Hey Middletown! You have to be very skeptical about anyone who sells you a line because people will tell you anything. You’d be better off to take your money and run. But hey, thanks for popping in on me and my little blog.

Until next time… 

Google away y’all!