FIVE years ago

Five years ago today, McDaddy and I were a bit excited about a little something we had going on.

We were about to become parents for the second (and final, as far as we know) time.

I have always been the type that records everything. When I’m pregnant however, my OCD kicks into high higher gear and for some unknown reason I record practically every second of my pregnancy. As I sit here five years later, it’s hard to remember every single detail, so I’m glad I have the scrapbooks to refer to. Especially when I’m sitting here trying to write a blog post.

What I will never forget though, is this sweet face.

Five years ago today,

  • on Tuesday, November 1st, I arrived at the hospital at 6:30 AM for a scheduled C-Section, six days before your due date.
  • you were brought into the world on that day at 11:29 AM
  • I had a three-year-old at home who couldn’t wait to be a big brother.
  • I was much more relaxed about having a new baby than I was the first time around.
  • I could have never known that I was about to give birth to a little boy with a stubborn streak that matched his mama’s.

  • I was giving myself insulin injections twice a day because I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes a few weeks earlier.
  • you weighed in at ten pounds, five ounces.
  • the nurses in the labor / delivery hall nicknamed you “King” because you were such a big baby boy.
  • you weighed more than a set of twins that were born on the same day.
  • I fell in love with your precious face.

  • I was ready to be a mother of two sons.
  • You had lots of visitors at the hospital to meet you.
  • I had no idea you and your brother would be such great friends.

  • I was so excited to bring my new baby boy home.


  • I cannot believe you  are five years old.

  • You have requested hotdogs and a cookie cake for your birthday dinner.
  • You are a sweet, lovable, funny little boy.
  • You can write your name, spell both your first and last name, count to ten in Spanish, and ride a bike.
  • We are having breakfast at iHop because that is your favorite place to eat. You will no doubt have a silly face pancake slathered in strawberry syrup.
  • (and everyday) You are a really cool kid.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

I love you very much and I hope you make good on your promise to “still cuddle with me when you turn five!”

A Man And His Hoe

McDaddy decided some time ago that we needed to do something about the parking situation at our house.

We have a garage at the bottom of a sloped driveway, and a single parking place in front of our house beside the road. That means any time one of us happens to be going out, we might have to move vehicles around before leaving if we need to take a vehicle that happens to be in back of the driveway or in the garage.

Our parking spot on the road looks like this.

That just so happens to be the same truck I backed into the neighbor’s mailbox. See, I told you it was long.

Eventually, McDaddy would like a parking place large enough for four vehicles OR our camper and one car. Last Saturday, McDaddy invited a friend of ours over to assist with the parking situation. Josh showed up early Saturday morning and as one might guess with a title ‘A Man And His Hoe,’ he was not alone.

Meet Josh.

And his hoe.


What did you think I was referring to?

Within a few hours, Josh and his hoe did this.

As one might imagine, our boys were in their glory.

They assessed,

The measured,

They watched intently,

They worked,

And they even drew up their own plans as they assessed the job site.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering the 91 inch. thing is the dirt pile.

Stevie and Alex are actually down in the hole.

I wasn’t the least bit surprised when McDaddy suggested he might drive the heap upon the large dirt pile to get a picture.

McDaddy did what he could do to assist Josh with the excavation.

But, I bet if you asked McDaddy he would tell you that he’d love nothing more than to play with Josh’s hoe now that all of the work is done.

It’s probably safe to say that McDaddy was a tad bit jealous of Josh and his hoe because just look at that beauty. 

Stevie was pretty fond of the hoe, too.

What is it about a man and a hoe, anyway?

I had a hard time deciding on a title for this post. For your entertainment, I thought it might be fun to share some of the ones I considered,

  • Gettin’ down and dirty with a hoe.
  • Hoes ain’t so bad after all.
  • McDaddy and the hoe.
  • McDaddy, his friend, and the hoe.
  • Knock, knock. Hoe’s there?  (Because I have a seven year that constantly tells jokes)
  • There’s a hoe at my house.
  • Welcoming the hoe
  • Get that hoe out of here.
  • A fun hoe.
  • Spending the day with a hoe.
  • Hey hoe, whatcha’ doin?

I’m telling you people, the list could go on and on.

And since I know lots of you are laughing at the possibilities, I’d love to hear your suggestions, too.

Thursday Thirteen – It’s Back!!!

I’ve had a number of you to ask about Thursday Thirteen.

And by ‘a number’ of course I mean, three.

I just so happened to shoot, edit and upload pictures for my You Capture post on Tuesday, instead of waiting till the last possible minute on Wednesday night like I sometimes do. That means that I have a little extra time to compose a Thursday Thirteen post this week.

So, without further ado, lets get right to this week’s Thursday Thirteen – 13 things I did TODAY.

1. Straightened up the house – as I do everyday while the boys are in school.

2. Had lunch at Steak Escape with my friend, Jill (Hi, Jill!)

3. Took Alex to the Doctor because this 3 day old cough hasn’t gotten any better after breathing treatments – as it turns out he has a sinus infection.

4. Sent out PTA letters to head homeroom helpers.

5. Played Words With Friends – which I might be addicted to.

6. Cooked a mediocre dinner.

7. Loaded the dishwasher.

8. Attempted to fold a load of laundry. I discovered the load wasn’t completely dry which means the stupid dryer might be on the fritz, which means the front-loader pair I’ve been wanting might be closer than I think.

I’m kidding McDaddy. Seriously, I am!

9. Entered Pioneer Woman’s giveaway for an electric blue KitchenAid mixer and crossing my fingers that 14,006 is my lucky number.

Just for the record, I’m not sure how much use it would get, but it would certainly look fabulous sitting on my kitchen counter.

10. Worked at Stevie’s school for a little bit.

11. Went to Heaven

Our church is doing a Judgement House this weekend. Stevie and I are part of the cast in Heaven. I get to wear my tiara while sitting on the Emerald Fountain eating a Little Debbie. I cry each and every time Jesus appears to speak to the crowd.

12. Cleaned off the kitchen counter AS I DO EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!

13. Ate some Oreos. I know. I know. I’m a bad, bad girl. The hormones do not play around.

Enjoy your Thursday, y’all!

Just Some Things

 Some things I like about fall.

  • the color orange
  • pumpkin pie (slathered in cool whip, of course)
  • November sweeps
  • hot chocolate
  • pumpkins
  • colorful mums
  • sweet pumpkin cinnamon sugar foaming hand soap in the cute pumpkin pump from Bath and Body
  • crisp air
  • scarecrows
  • thanksgiving
  • how cute my pumpkin candy dish looks full of candy corn even though I hate candy corn

  •  yummy smelling fall candles sitting among fall flowers and berries

  •  all manner of scarecrows

  •  the wonderfully delicious jonagold apples I picked up in the Amish Country last weekend (especially when they are displayed in the Longaberger apple pail).

  •  watching this beautiful tree in our backyard as it transforms from fully green to beautiful shades of orange, yellow, and red.

Some things I don’t like about fall:

  • leaves every. friggin. where.
  • daylight savings time ends (especially when its dark by 6pm)
  • thousands of acorns
  • those nasty orange and black candies that people give out on Halloween night.
  • no more flip flops
  • snotty noses that always turn into nebulizer treatments
  • morning frost
  • knowing that winter and its BFF snow is right around the corner.

How about you? What do you like best about fall?


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The Right Stuff

 Two weeks ago, our church purchased one hundred of these empty boxes for Samaritan’sPurse – Operation Christmas Child.

After talking to the boys about the ministry, I asked them to decide if they wanted to shop for a boy or a girl. Not suprisingly, (and much to my dismay because geez, I love to shop for little girls!) they both wanted to shop for boys.

We scoured the store for special treasures as if world peace depended on whether we chose a football or a baseball for our boxes. It was sweet watching my boys take such care in choosing  just the right stuff for their box. I answered questions like, “Do kids in other countries like Jimmy Johnson?” and “Do they have batteries over there because once the light-up ball battery goes out how will they make it work again?” It was reminded how blessed we really are.

Here’s what we came home with.

I enjoyed watching the boys divide up the cars and the Now & Laters while they laughed and talked about the children that would receive their boxes. I took the opportunity to talk to them about children in other countries (like the one we sponsor from Uganda) and how difficult their lives are compared to ours. Then, we talked about charity and showing love to others even though they lived far, far away. We then included letters and pictures with our boxes so that those boys will have a little something other than a box full of stuff. 


Within a few weeks, these two boxes will be on their way to a far-off country and will land in the hands of two sweet, little boys. In the meantime, our family will be praying for these boys and praying that they are blessed by the things we sent. We were certainly blessed to shop for them and I am hoping this will help our boys to recognize the importance of charity.


Visit THAT family for other things that might work for you.