Celebrate Good Times

Happy New Year!

January 2, 2014

We rang in the New Year here at the McResidence with McDaddy’s two brothers, his sister and their families. In all, there were 19 of us sleeping in this house last night. Twelve of those people were under the age of 11. We partied like rock-stars until well after midnight. Or something like that. This is my […]

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2013 Year In Review

December 31, 2013

When I saw on Facebook today that Jo-Lynne was hosting her annual Blog Review, I knew I wanted to participate again. I love to look back on our year, and remember the fun times we’ve shared as a family. (For that reason, I won’t be posting What I Learned This Week, but, I am adding a […]

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A Little Christmas Tour

December 29, 2013

Even though Christmas is over, I have decided to leave my Christmas décor up another week. I have heard that taking your tree down before New Year’s is bad luck, but I don’t believe for one second that my luck for the upcoming year has anything to do with when I take our beautiful, rotating, […]

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Christmas At Our Place

December 27, 2013

We had a wonderful Christmas here at the McResidence. Here’s what Christmas was like at the McResidence…. We ate too many of these, We said good-bye for another year to our elf, Louis Hamilton, We watched this (and Home Alone) approximately, 419 times. I watched this beautiful tree spin around and around night-after-night in amazement, […]

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A Christmas Greeting

December 24, 2013

From our home to yours, we wish you a very MERRY CHIRSTMAS and a blessed New Year!

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50 Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas

December 23, 2013

Last year, I finished up my Christmas shopping in early December. Then, on Christmas Eve, I discovered that I hadn’t bought nearly enough stuff to fill the stockings. I decided that wouldn’t happen this year. Oh, no ma’am. I started picking up stocking items way back in November, and this year, I will be a stocking-stuffing fool […]

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Christmas Cookie Exchange

December 19, 2013

I had every intention of coming back here to report on my friend Becky’s annual cookie extravaganza. Because of our ski trip, I had to choose a cookie that I could bake within the time constraint I was under. In other words, after our three-hour drive home, I would have no more than three hours to bake seven […]

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Forty and Fabulous

December 15, 2013

I had a fabulous weekend. On Friday, McDaddy hosted an open house birthday party to celebrate my 40th birthday. It was an enjoyable evening full of laughs and thankfulness. I have the best friends and family. My friend, Linda brought me this lovely bag full of awesomeness. I absolutely love it. Some people say that […]

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On Turning 40

December 11, 2013

I spent the day reflecting on my forty years of life while I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more. It was a snow day for our school district so the boys were home too. They enjoyed half of the day before I made them clean their rooms. I have been dreading this day for […]

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Christmas Card Addressing Party

December 9, 2013

December is my favorite month of the year. It is also our busiest. There is Christmas, my birthday, Stevie’s birthday, pictures with Santa, the Elf on the Shelf, decorating, Church play, Christmas parties, Christmas break, Church cantata, basketball season, driving around neighborhoods looking at lights, baking, Becky’s cookie exchange, and of course the annual Christmas card […]

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