Dressed For Success

You may recall that I am a panelist for BlogHer’s Life Well Lived campaign. That sounds really important, but what it really means is that they pose a question and then ask me to write about it.

This week’s question is: How do you dress for success on your first day?

I haven’t had any first days in a long time since I am no longer employed, or attend school, but if I were starting a new job, I would follow the same rules I followed when I did work.

COMFORT: I worked in a jail. That means I walked and walked and walked the long corridors all day long. The most important issue for me was to be comfortable. That’s the case no matter what day it is.

COLOR: Because first impressions are so important, I find it best to make a statement. The best way to do this, in my opinion, is to choose a bright solid color that looks good on you, and take it up a notch with some shiny accessories. (My favorite!)

LAYER: The older I get, the more temperature seems to bother me. I remarked to McDaddy over the weekend that I will never attend another conference of any type without some sort of light sweater. We attended a marriage conference at a hotel and either I FROZE MY FRIGGIN BUTT OFF, or I SWEATED LIKE A PIG. Thanks to the hormones, I was truly a hot mess. If you’re headed out for a first day, it might be wise to bring a sweater or cute jacket along.

AGE AND SIZE APPROPRIATE: If you are a forty-year old woman, you should not be wearing a short-short skirt and tight shirt. Likewise, if you are a plus-size woman, (and yes, I can say that because I am one!) you should not be showing back-fat. Nor should the girls be ready to bust out the top of your shirt.

For more tips on how to dress for success on your first day (or any day for that matter!) visit the main post over at BlogHer.

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Any tips for dressing for success on your first day?

Keepin’ It Classy

I have been asked by BlogHer’s Life Well Lived panel to answer the following questions:

What are your favorite ways to dress well for your size and shape? How do you make your wardrobe work through transitions?

First of all, the only transitions that come to mind, was the transition from employee to stay-at-home-mom, and the transition from regular clothes – to maternity clothes – and back to regular clothes.

The transition from employee to stay-at-home-mom, meant that I no longer needed to “dress up,” on a daily basis, so of course I was able to go for a more casual look. The very first thing I look for when shopping for clothing is comfort. If it feels uncomfortable, tight, or looks like a lampshade on me, I move on. I typically look for comfortable, stretchy jeans. I have a FAVORITE pair and kick myself for not buying five pair when I had the chance. I lovingly refer to them as my “buffet britches”. And I am a firm believer that “if you can’t lose it, decorate it!” so I often buy jeans with bling on the pockets.

Just keepin’ it classy, folks.

I CANNOT stand wearing anything at all that is tight or restrictive. I think tight clothing looks trashy and straight-up-redneck.

I prefer bright colors, “flowy” shirts, boot-leg jeans, and capri pants. And as an added bonus, I try to purchase clothing that is appropriate for PTA meetings, church, and events that require me to dress in something a little more stylish than my yoga pants and a Women of Faith t-shirt.

As for the transition from regular to maternity and back to regular clothes, I must admit that the only maternity items I have left in my “wardrobe” are panties. And yes, when times get tough, I bust them out. And by “when times get tough” I mean when the laundry is backed up and its either maternity panties or no panties.

Like I said, classy.

You can check out what everyone else is saying and join in on the topic on the main post at BlogHer and while you’re there be sure to enter to win a iPod Touch and a $50. iTunes gift card.

My Fashion Voice

Anyone who knows me IRL would probably tell you that I am rough around the edges, have OCD, talk loudly, and that I love to laugh. I enjoy having fun and I love it when people are laughing. They would probably also tell you that I am a rare bird. I don’t comform to an expected sense of fashion or style. People don’t normally visit my blog to read about my fashion sense, and that’s probably a good thing.

As part of BlogHer’s feature on looking your best, the folks at BlogHer have asked its Life Well Lived writers (that’s me, in case you were wondering!) to share “How I find my fashion voice and cultivate my personal style.”

The short answer is, I take my cues from comfort and cost.

I am a 38-year old stay-at-home-mom (who rarely stays at home). I make popcorn at the kid’s school on Thursdays. I attend church. I have breakfast or lunch with a girlfriend once or twice a week. I shuffle boys to and from the baseball field about five nights a week. My fashion voice speaks volume when you consider I can rock a pair of yoga pants or comfortable jeans. I have not jumped on the scarf bandwagon because I can’t stand anything around my neck that feels like it might choke me. I also do not wear an item simply because “everyone else is wearing it”. I have no doubt that if I were still in school, I would be kicked off the fashion train in a hot minute. And that is perfectly fine with me.

Don’t get me wrong. I love clothes. It’s just that my main goal when shopping is comfort and savings. My personal style includes comfortable jeans, yoga pants, Capri pants and loose, long shirts that cover up all that should be covered. I DO, however, love, love, love accessorizing with [silver]  jewelry and [cute] flip-flops. And cool sunglasses. I could talk for days about jewelry and shoes. I have more jewelry than I will ever wear and more shoes than any one person needs. Still, I buy more. And no matter what I’m wearing, I always, always, always have my jewelry on.

So, how do you find your fashion voice and cultivate your personal style? Visit the main post on BlogHer.com and join in on the comments here.

And don’t forget to enter the NEXT Life Well Lived Sweepstakes here.

Ready For Spring

I don’t consider myself to be a fashionista.

Shoot. I can barely spell the word.

I am a stay-at-home mom who rarely stays at home, and I rarely have a need to dress up. Occasionally I work in the office at the boys’ school and on those days I try to kick it up a notch in the wardrobe department. You know, to at least look like I belong in there. I also try to make it a point not to wear my yoga pants to the Lord’s House on Sunday.

I have been asked by BlogHer to share with my readers what I will be wearing this year? And also, what are my spring trends.

Before I begin, I should tell you that there is nothing in my closet that I paid more than $50. for, with the exception of my favorite jeans and a couple of fancy sweaters and shirts that I splurged on because I got a great deal on them.

With spring peeking its head in the door, I go for comfort above all else. Well, comfort, plus making sure the girls are properly covered. I have a couple of cute dresses that I enjoy dressing up with cute accessories, but my first choice is a comfortable pair of capris. Denim capris are my favorite because you can pair just about any shirt with denim. And also, you can dress them up or down depending on your shoes and accessories.

And speaking of shoes and accessories…

Two things that I enjoy shopping for are sunglasses and shoes. I have a bad habit of buying sunglasses every single time I’m out shopping. I wore eyeglasses for years, so when I had Lasek surgery in 2010, I immediately started buying cute sunglasses. In fact, McDaddy rolls his eyes at my massive collection. I have at least two pair of sunglasses in each vehicle, and I generally try to match up my sunglasses with whatever I’m wearing.

I have more shoes than any one person needs. I prefer comfortable shoes but have been known to buy shoes simply because they are cute. I long for the 75 degree steady temperatures, just so that I can wear flip-flops or cute sandals.

What are YOU wearing for spring?

To find out what others are wearing this spring, you can visit the main post over at BlogHer.

And be sure to go here for a chance to win a Kindle Fire and a $50. Amazon gift certificate.

Life Well Lived

I am so excited to be a part of the Life Well Lived Blogger panel. I am even more excited that I am learning some great tips about beauty and accessories.

The question posed this week is:

What is your favorite way to add a bit of sparkle to your holiday look? Is it with make-up, clothing or accessories?

If you know me, you know that I am an all-out jewelry lover. I never leave my house without at least two rings, my watch, a bracelet, earrings in both upper and lower holes, and most always a necklace of some sore. If ever you are looking for the perfect gift, (and can’t afford a Saturn Sky) you should know that my jewelry motto is “the bigger, the better!”

A cheap, easy way to add a bit of sparkle and breath new life into an old sweater for a great new holiday look is to purchase some cute accessories. In my case, I did this just yesterday. I wore gold jewelry for most of my life. Lately though, I’ve been buying /wearing more silver jewelry. I had a rust colored sweater in my closet and thought it would look nice with a necklace that added a little something extra than a plain silver necklace. I found a beautiful tri-colored (gold, silver, bronze) necklace/earring set that made the sweater pop. I received numerous compliments on it, and the best news is because it is tri-colored, it will look great with most anything!

Of course, a GREAT pair of shoes would be fun, too!

Head over here to read about five easy ways to add sparkle to your holiday look from beauty expert, Erin Bailey, and be sure to offer up your best tips.

Life Well Lived is also sponsoring a give-away. Go here to enter the great giveaway of a Kindle Fire AND a $50. Amazon gift certificate to go with it! 

Now it’s your turn! What is YOUR favorite way to add a bit of sparkle to your holiday look?