High As The Sky

So today, there was this,

while I was blasting ‘O Happy Day’ in this.

I’m gonna say this, and I’m going out on a limb here, but I think the snow is finally over.

Alex and I had a wonderful topless ride, even though traffic was backed up for miles.

Who could worry about traffic when looking at this?

It was an absolutely perfect day to bring her home because IT WAS ALMOST 80 DEGREES HERE TODAY!

Both girls had a smile on their face all evening!

Wishful Thinking

This is what I’ve been looking at…

But here’s what I wish I was looking at….

This is what I’ve been wearing,

But this is what I wish I was wearing.

This is the what the boys have been doing for the past week.

But this is what I wish they were doing.

This is the blue sky that I’m wishing for,

But, it’s mostly so I can drive this red one.

I miss the sky.

Hurry up spring!

Just A Question

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

While BIG vehicles are handy, that much is true,
The SKY is a thousand times fairer than all of you.

Friends, Flags, Feet and Fun

I was out-of-town again this weekend. Unfortunately, I was not fighting my way through crowded New York City Streets. Instead, I was fighting my way through a crowded outlet mall in Jeffersonville, Ohio with three girlfriends.

Have I mentioned that I love to shop?

I did some Christmas shopping and enjoyed leisurely shopping in some of my favorite stores.

I could shop every single weekend. But my feet would disagree. Because my feet and my calves? They were in hot protest after five hours of shopping on Saturday after two long days of walking the streets of New York City last weekend.

My forty-year thirty-nine year old feet are nothing like the twenty-year old feet I used to have.

Here’s my weekend – in pictures.

I found this on Google images while searching my phone for family Christmas picture ideas. I love the idea of including the Jeep since it is something our family enjoys together.

But I can’t help but think about how much cooler our picture would be in front of this sexy sucker.

Tomorrow is that day of the year that my fellas dread. The annual Christmas picture day. Wish us luck.

And speaking of the Saturn Sky, I saw this one at the mall on Friday before we left town.

I will never understand why the powers that USED TO be at Saturn would take a sexy sleek car and paint it this crazy color.


I couldn’t help but stop and snap several pictures of this site.

Long may she wave.

And wave.

And wave.

And wave some more.

Since deployment, I stand in awe of the American Flag. I consider it a beautiful symbol of this great nation.

On Friday evening, we had dinner at Max and Erma’s. I ordered the Laredo steak – which was delightful – with roasted potatoes and mixed veggies. It didn’t dawn on me to snap a picture until it was almost gone. But you should know that it was a great dish that I totally recommend.

Four women, five hours, lots of laughs, and several trips to the car later, this was how we left the parking lot.

Unfortunately, you cannot appreciate the depth of this Jeep Laredo “trunk” because I am telling you, it was stuffed to capacity.

A fun time was had by all.

Except for my feet.