We Are Not Fancy People

We had two baseball games on the schedule this weekend, but they were both cancelled. Because of that, I spent a good chunk of the weekend cleaning. My bathroom is cleaner than it’s been since we†moved in here eleven years ago. And, after several hours of cleaning out closets, drawers and shelves, Stevie and Alex’s rooms are beautiful, straight, and neat. And if I had any sense, I would have taken a picture because in all likelihood,†by tomorrow at this time,†their rooms†will not look like they do now.

On Saturday evening, my fellas and I got all gussied†up and we celebrated with McDaddy’s†brother, Dave who was inducted into Alderson Broaddus University Hall of Fame.

I’m always leery when we attend a fancy†event because, well,†WE ARE NOT FANCY PEOPLE, and because there are typically more forks than I know what to do with.

And, also because our boys are eleven and eight and the last thing eleven and eight year boys are interested in, is the fancy.

They picked out these outfits for Easter and I think they look handsome and grown up. Unfortunately, I did not oversee every detail of their pre-fancy dinner preparation, and†Stevie ended up wearing†one blue sock and one black sock. Alex on the other hand, was wearing white, ankle length, athletic socks.

So funny.

Only NOT.

First, there was an informal reception with hors d’oeuvres (which is a stupid word, by the way!). Several minutes before the reception was scheduled to begin, we lost track of Stevie. The room wasn’t crowded, so it only took a few seconds to spot him. He was standing, plate in hand, at the food table and he was helping himself to cheese cubes.

After a quick discussion about asking before helping ourselves, we had a good chuckle and helped him get rid of the cheese cubes quickly, which was a mistake because the pepper-jack cheese was H-O-T and he hadn’t had time to also grab a†drink before we could get his attention.

It’s a good thing they are charming.

For dinner, we were served a chicken breast†(with peas and a lemon slice on it), red potatoes and green beans. I was skeptical because who puts a lemon on a chicken breast? And also, because the green beans were the fancy type of†long green beans†and I was pretty sure they hadn’t been cooked in bacon grease like the ones I make here at home. Alex took a big bite of the green beans and within two seconds, he was dropping the green beans out of his mouth and back onto his plate.

Heaven, help me.

Thankfully, I don’t think anyone else at our table saw the green beans make their way back onto his plate, but I was still mortified.

Other than that, the fancy dinner went well (Except when†a grape tomato flopped off of my salad plate and onto the table as I was cutting it up in my salad) and I’m happy to say we made it through without too much of a spectacle.

Like I said, NOT FANCY.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening and I enjoyed spending time with McDaddy’s parents, his siblings and their spouses.

Have a great week, y’all!

Eight Is Awesome

Dear Alex,

We just celebrated your eighth birthday.


How did that happen?

Just last week, I was holding you†in the labor/delivery unit wondering what in the heck I was gonna do with TWO†stinky, smelly, peeing all over the bathroom BOYS.

Here it is, eight years later, and I am so stinkin’ sad that you are growing up so quickly because soon you won’t want to cuddle on the couch, and you won’t call me mommy, and you won’t tell me “I love you more, and that’s final” ever again.

And just like I tell you every single day,†IT IS NOT†final because I’m the boss of you.

But the truth is, I love it when you say that to me. I love it because it brings a smile to your face when you say it, and there are fewer things cuter than your sweet, toothless grin. That grin melts my heart every. single. time. and I think you know that.

You can match clothes and accessories better than most adults, and if you had your way, you’d have a pair of tennis shoes in every single color because, YOU ARE SHOE CRAZY.

You enjoy life.

And you are a crazy, fast,†daredevil.

Tricks like this one?

Have made me gray before†my years.

But I love that you are fearless and independent†and loving and A MOMMY’S BOY. Can we just make a pact that you will be a MB forever? Pretty please? After all, you are sweet and impatient, with a side of stubborn, and in case you haven’t figured it out yet,†YOU GOT THAT FROM ME, PAL. (And I turned out okay!)

I enjoy seeing the world through your eyes.

And I†totally enjoy your random questions throughout the day, even though I rarely have the answers.

I am so proud of you for wanting an iPod, saving for it, and then buying it. Trust me when I say that you will appreciate things so much more when you buy them yourself.

Oh, and just for the record, I think you’re awesome, too!

Happy 8th birthday, sweet boy.

I love you more, and THAT’S FINAL.

Love, Mama

What I Learned This Week

Here’s what I learned this week.

1. Getting an iPod for your 8th birthday is pretty exciting.

2. Getting a “Your iPod cannot be activated because…” warning is an aggravation.

3. Getting a “Your iPod cannot be activated because…” warning is an even bigger aggravation when you are eight because it’s tough to understand that your iPod is not†broke and that you did not†waste the $229. you just got for your birthday.

4. When your husband is working feverishly on your laptop to ACTIVATE A NEW FRIGGIN†IPOD on a Monday evening, it is tough to compose a What I Learned This Week post in a timely manner.

5. When a brand spanking new iPod will not activate as it is supposed to, you should be prepared to pull your hair out a 35-minute phone-call to Apple Support who will ask you to disable your antivirus software, reboot your computer 1,542 times, and restore the iPod to factory settings (the same settings on it when you opened the darn thing) before providing you with a case number and wishing you well.

That’s what I learned this week.

Now, what did YOU learn?

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Alrightythen. Ready, Set, GO!


This sweet boy:

  • has been reminding me about his birthday for the past month.
  • loves Cookie Crisp cereal
  • carries a stuffed animal around most of the time.
  • prides himself in having†the most Accelerated Reader points in his classroom.
  • †has a good old-fashioned fit every now and again.
  • picks Tom & Jerry every. single. time.
  • has a double crown that gets out of hand when his hair gets too long.
  • is missing several teeth.
  • did not cry the past three times he had blood drawn for allergy tests.
  • is tougher than most kids his age.
  • refused to wear glasses the first year they were prescribed
  • wears a size†2 shoe
  • gets on my every last nerve sometimes
  • greets me with a hug every morning
  • has a sweet little hand that fits perfectly in mine
  • prefers my iPad over his iPod
  • sings sweetly
  • was baptized this year
  • is allergic to nuts and eggs
  • loves jelly sandwiches
  • makes a crazy face when I ask him to pose for a picture
  • has been to 26 states
  • ate breakfast at school for the first time today.
  • loves to laugh
  • is excited to be OUT of a car seat
  • likes to cuddle
  • has two speeds – wide open and asleep
  • asks any number of questions everyday
  • has really neat†handwriting when he takes his time
  • can make a jump rope whistle.
  • is so excited to be eight!

Happy birthday, sweet Alex!

I’m glad you’re mine!

What I Learned This Week

It’s been a crazy busy few days. Over the weekend, McDaddy and I attended a Jeep Jamboree in Williamsburg, Kentucky (so yes, there are some lessons from the Jeep Trail) and I spent most of today unpacking and doing laundry.

And now this week, I’m†in†full-on Halloween/Alex’s birthday party/Alex’s class Halloween party week. Back in 2005, my OB Doctor called to say that I was pregnant with a big baby and did I want to go ahead and schedule my C-Section? I excitedly picked November 1st because me and my OCD†like nice round numbers.

November 1st – as in,†the day after Halloween. November 1st -†as in,†the first week of the month, which means McDaddy always has drill that†weekend.†November 1st – as in,†always the same week as the school Halloween parties.

And every year at this time, I kick myself for my lack of forethought.

But just like†Gloria Gaynor, I will survive.

Here’s what I learned this week:

1. According to a fella on the Jeep Jamboree trail, you can never have too much fan.

2. When you’re on the Jeep trail and you have to use the “restroom,”†remember, it’s women†on the right, and men on the left. WHY?†Because women are always right.

3. If you’re wheelin’ with other “Jeep Peeps” it is important to ALWAYS keep the Jeep behind you in sight at all times.

4. When your Blackberry begins to recite the Bible to you, and you are unable to SHUT THE BLACKBERRY UP,†it might have you to wondering, What is the Lord trying to tell me?

5. According to McDaddy it is tough to get white road-paint off of a chili-pepper red Saturn Sky. YIKES, Y’ALL.

6. There is at least one fella working the customer service desk at Kohls†that has no business servicing customers. *coughEUGENEcough*

7. The staff at our local Chick-fil-a goes above and beyond every single time I am in there. Most recently, the young guy working the dining room accompanied my mom (who†uses a wheelchair) and I to the car†with an umbrella in the pouring rain.†I have never experienced service quite like this in any other restaurant, ever. And today I called to tell them so.

8. The battery in the SKY key-fob is deader than 4 o’clock. I don’t really know what that means, it’s just something I say all the time.

9. The battery in my beloved iPhone 5 is on my LAST NERVE. I might suck at math but last time I checked 20% was equivalent to 1/5.† Twenty percent should not equal dead.

Thatís what I learned this week.

Now, what did YOU learn?

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Alrightythen. Ready, Set, GO!