Because I Like To Ramble

So Excited I Could Squeal!

August 31, 2012

I am sitting on the big, blue, bloggy couch watching the Republican National Convention. And before you click that red “X” in the corner, let me just say, I WILL NOT be talking about politics. Well, except to say that I’d rather poke my eyeballs out with a fork than listen to politicians during an […]

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Check It Out

October 5, 2010

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending a ladies conference. Best-selling author Angela Thomas was the featured speaker and the ladies in attendance were treated to a wonderful weekend of gifted story-telling and sound biblical teaching. I read her book recently and I’m reviewing it over on my Review page. I’d love for […]

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Armed With A Plastic Fork

September 14, 2010

Every once in a great while, I come across some sort of  something that makes me go and get all Martha Stewartish. That’s what happened a few weeks ago. I was attempting to remove a melted votive candle from a glass candle holder with a plastic fork because that’s the way I roll around here. […]

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Clothing Optional

August 15, 2010

Imagine, if you will the following hypothetical (ahem!) situation, Minutes after arriving home from a three-day mini vacation, you unload your bags, laptop and accompanying paraphernalia in the middle of the  floor, take a quick peek at the Caller ID, listen to the answering machine, grab a bottle of water out of the fridge and head to your office […]

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Daily Dose Of Crazy

July 14, 2010

It’s one of those days where my head is swimming. Not that it’s any different than most days in my head, but today, I suspect I could come up with thirteen very random things to purge from my brain thereby making room for other, more important information. Let’s see what we can do, shall we? […]

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Wasn’t Me! Or Was It?

July 12, 2010

-Washed, dried, folded and put away five (5!!!!) loads of laundry -Rearranging and straightening the pantry -Designed an “egg drop” project for Stevie’s scout camp project -Watched my sweet boy swim for the first time -Spent over an hour in the grocery store sans kids with time to actually think and plan a two-week menu […]

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What I Learned This Week – Random Edition

June 14, 2010

 Sometimes it amazes me at the amount of stuff I learn in one week. Either I live a highly exciting life, or I wasn’t that smart to begin with. I think I’ll go with the highly exciting life bit. At any rate, it makes the whole ‘What I Learned This Week’ post much easier to […]

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Cowboy, Take Me Away!

June 7, 2010

McDaddy and I returned home from a glorious four-day weekend in Florida for my cousin’s beach wedding at Fort Myers, Florida. I’ve been looking forward to this wedding for a number of months. Something I was not looking forward to however, was the stinkin’ heat because, hello? It was approximately 129 degrees on the beach. Or something like […]

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What I Learned This Week

May 31, 2010

 It’s been a fun, relaxing weekend.  But, I am draggin’ my wagon. My fellas and I spent Memorial Day Weekend in our Summer home camper with two families from our church. With the exception of the FREAKIN’ HUMIDITY and the never-ending flow of snot that made its way out of my nose, it was a perfect weekend. Gross. […]

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Some Very Good News!

May 27, 2010

 I’ve received some news. Some very good news. In fact, I’m not sure what to do with myself since receiving the news. Because, this is apparently a pretty big deal. See for yourself. ——– ESTEVAN NORBERTO CHAMBER FROM THE DESK OF BARRISTER ESTEVAN NORBERTO, 143 STRAND, LONDON WC2R 1AP, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM.   Good Day, […]

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