Thirty-Six years ago today, I made my fabulous debut into the world.

Thirty-Six years later, I try to spread fabulosity wherever I go.


Thirty-Six years ago today, it was a Tuesday and it was snowing.

Thirty-Six years later, it is a Friday and the wind is blowing like mad.

Thirty-Six years ago, I immediately became a little sister to twin brothers.

Thirty Six years later, I am raising two boys who have no desire to have a sister.

Thirty Six years ago today, I was born in a Charleston Hospital about two miles from the house I would call home until I married McDaddy.

Thirty Six years later, I live about fifteen miles from that same hospital and pass it almost daily.

Thirty Six years ago today, I came out screaming.

Thirty Six years later, I am much more subdued (ahem!)

Thirty Six years ago today, my mama got the daughter she was hoping for and my daddy got a daughter whos name he forgot so he referred to me as “what’s her name!”

Thirty Six years later, I am close with my mama and daddy and am thankful that God gave me to them.

No doubt I will be asked over and over how I feel about turning the Big Three Six. Rest Assured that with the exception of a sore leg, an itchy ear, and a heel spur, I feel fabulous!

I know without a doubt that I am living the best years of my life.

I have two sweet boys who I adore and I feel blessed to be their mother.

I have a husband who adores me and longs to make me happy.

Thirty Six Years ago, my parents felt blessed by me.

Thirty Six Years later, I am counting every single one of my blessings!

Happy Birthday To Me! Here’s to another 36!

iCould Blog From My iPhone!

I have no idea when or where I was when I decided that I “needed” an iPhone.

I just know that the thought was in my head a long time before I ever whined about mentioned it to anyone.  And once something gets into my head people, well, lets just say, it’s not usually pretty. I start by dropping subtle hints to McDaddy and when that doesn’t work, I kick it into high hear mentioning that our church prayer chain could benefit from my access to the internet at all times, even when I’m wandering aimlessly around Wal-Mart or sitting in the pick-up line at the school. Not to mention its usefulness to me and this bloggy empire I’m building because the iPhone would allow me to link up to a blog carnival whether I’m at home or out and about spreading my fabulosity throughout the city and because I can get your comments immediately!

Heck, iCould blog from the iPhone!

Oh, and if I’m being honest the iPhone commercial about the CheckPlease app appealed to me because it would mean that I would never ever as long as we both shall live would have to struggle to figure up 15% of my restaurant bill to leave a tip.

Sometimes, the pressure of that is more than I can take because me and the math are not good friends. If the percentage I am trying to figure has nothing to do with a great sale on some new shoes, you can pretty much forget about it.

If I had only known how much easier math life would be with an iPhone in it, I would have stepped up my iPhone campaign months ago. The last time I checked (with my trusty friend Google from my beloved iPhone, of course) there were over 50,000 apps although I suspect that number increases everyday as people with too much time on their hands from all around the world write (design?) apps for anything you can think of. I’m waiting for an app to wipe my hind-end, but a quick trip to the app store in search of that very thing surprisingly does not exist.

Of the thousands of apps available, I currently have 65 which seems a bit excessive until my brother-in-law who has had his iPhone all of four days informed me he has well over two hundred.


It’s so easy to get sucked into this thing.

Moderation is important.

But sometimes when you are dealing with the best gadget of your time (sorry TiVo!) you want to learn all there is to learn about the new love in your life.

A few days ago I hopped up on my bed to put my make-up on as I do every morning. (I know, I know, I should be in front of a well-lit mirror so that I can see the best angle of my cheek bones, blah, blah, blah!) anyway, as I was saying, I was on my bed getting ready to apply a long list of pure, safe and beneficial product that I purchased from my sister-in-law the Arbonne consultant when I clicked the KLOVE app. Only the KLOVE app wouldn’t play.

Nor would Pandora.

As I slid my fingers across the screens, I was desperate for the phone to make a noise. I worried that the audio output (it almost sounds as if I know what I’m talking about!) was done. I worried that I had dropped it one too many times and I worried that my sweet Alex had hit something the day before that caused the silence I was hearing. The phone wouldn’t even make the little click that it makes when you ‘unlock’ the screen.

I just knew my beloved iPhone had suffered some sort of chronic problem.

I headed to the AT&T store and was surprised to find out that I only needed to turn it off and back on to “reboot” the sound problem. I was so relieved that my precious was okay, I bought one of these… (on the left!)

It is an otterbox and I had no idea what an otterbox was until I pled my case at the AT&T store and complained about the danger of a fatal drop on concrete.  It makes the phone a little bulkier, but I feel at ease now because the thing is like a super-duper shock absorber.

The iPhone and its Otterbox works for me!

And, if you happen to be looking for a great Christmas gift to give, the iPhone would be a fabulous gift for anyone especially those needing help with their math.

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Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen Things In My Purse

As always, my mind raced when it came time for me to decide what I’d do for Thursday Thirteen this week.

I was just about to wow you with 13 things on my fridge, when I decided my purse was closer and well, because I’m too lazy to make my way from my big, blue, bloggy chair to the fridge which is a total of about eight steps.

What can I say? It’s been a long day and I’m lazy.

So, off we go.

Here’s a picture of my purse and the randomest 13 things you’ll ever find in a purse. The purse is a Tignanello and I bought it at a QVC auction about three weeks ago. It’s not quite as big as I would like but at the time, I couldn’t pass up the chance to buy a new handbag with a thick strap and lots of compartments.

1. My wallet – Is a soft red-leather fossil wallet. I bought it when I bought a matching purse, but apparently the folks at fossil don’t make a purse to last more than about three months, so I took it back when one of the straps began to rip. I kept the wallet.

2. GUM – My fellas love to chew gum and for some reason they always ask for it in church. As of this writing, there is Extra pink kind and Doublemint which they don’t like because they say it is hot.

3. Hand Sanitizer – I’ve never been a real big fan of hand sanitizer, however, I’m a hand sanitizer nazi thanks to a certain pig flu that is going around. I am doing my best to keep it away from my little fellas, so I keep some in my purse and in my van, too.

4. ABREVA – This little gem is like my American Express. At the very first hint of itching or burning on my lip, I apply this stuff in an attempt to chase the stupid fever blisters away. I HATE fever blisters. They are ugly and they are stupid. Somewhere along the way, someone decided I would be in that catergory that got fever blisters. I’d like to be in the other catergory. The catergory that doesn’t get fever blisters. Instead, I pay $24.99 for one ounce of this stuff and hope like heck I never have to use it. Can you say  highway robbery? I keep waiting for Wal-Mart to come up with a Great Value Fever Blister Creme or Equate Fever Blister sauve. I’m sure it would cost 50% less and come in a bright little package.

5. A Black Sharpie – Because you never know when you’ll need a black sharpie. I triple puffy heart the sharpie.

6. Fruit Roll-Up – My kids don’t like fruit roll-ups, so I was perplexed as how one found its way to the bottom of my purse. Upon investigation, Alex remembered getting it in Sunday School class. Hum… it’s amazing what you’ll find when you clean out your purse or look for thirteen really weird things in your purse. Whichever.

7. Pocket Calendar – I am a calendar junkie. You may recall that I posted a picture of our family calendar on today’s You Capture post. I also have a purse calendar that I sync up each week. Now that I have a beloved iPhone, I also use the Calendar on it. It will be hard for me to make the switch from purse calendar to iPhone but I think its coming. Its hard to keep three calendars going at the same time. Especially when you’re as busy as I am.

8. Money – I have exactly $37.84 cents in my purse. I went looking for a pair of black dress shoes at the mall today, but of course they didn’t have a 9 1/2 in the style I wanted. So, I saved my $37.84 for another day. (Hopefully tomorrow will be the day!)

9. Clinique Lipstick: Guava Stain – My favorite lipstick. I’ve been wearing this same shade for years. It’s expensive but I like it the best. I also put Clinique lip-liner on before the lipstick. I used to follow all that up with Cherry Blistex Lip Infusion but I dropped it in my van about a month ago and it hasn’t been seen since.

10. FLOSS – Oh, me and the floss have a weird relationship. I never want to floss just before bedtime because I’m too sleepy. So, I carry floss in my purse and I try to remember to do it frequently so that I won’t have to have a stupid floss lesson the next time I’m at the dentist.

11. White-Out Roller – My OCD requires me to carry this thing so that when I make a mistake in my calendar I can white-it-out.


Yes, probably.

Still, I’m a freak with a really neat pocket calendar.

12. Checkbook – I don’t always carry a checkbook with me however, McDaddy doesn’t like it when I extract money from the little ATM machine and neglect to write it in because well? that can cause some problems next month. So, I’ve been doing my very best to remember to write all my stuff in so I can stay on McDaddy’s good side.

13. Medicine – I am the world’s worst at forgetting my blood pressure medicine until I have a splitting headache. So, I try to carry a few in my purse for those days that I’m spreading my fabulosity all over town and discover I’ve forgotten to take that 1mg of cardura. Apparently that 1mg is pretty important. I also carry alleve.

Now, wasn’t that fun?

And speaking of fun, wouldn’t 50 custom-made thank you cards be fun for the holidays? Please go here to enter the give-away. I’ll pick a winner on Sunday. Seriously, go there right now!

Have fun, y’all!

Some Fabulous Fudge With Some Below Average Photography

If you’ve been with me from the beginning of this gig here at From Inmates To Playdates, you might have heard this a time or two. It’s so good though, it’s worth repeating.  First, let me apologize for the photography. Please keep in mind this is a recipe post and not a photography one.

Kristen over at We Are That Family has asked us to share our favorite holiday/entertaining/celebration tip this week. [I love the holiday WFMW button!]

With the holidays just around the corner, I scanned my brain for my best tip. I have a December birthday. Stevie has a December birthday. There is always a Christmas play at church in December and there are countless shopping trips. Throw in various holiday parties and Christmas dinners and you have a month that I barely remember when its all said and done.

You can pull this little tip out of your proverbial Thanksgiving or Christmas hat when you discover you have company coming and your cupboards are bare. [It's important to note that I would never use the words cupboards *IRL. Instead I would say cabinets.]

*In Real Life

 Warning: My culinary expertise may surprise you.

 Because while it is obvious from all appearances that I have a love for all things sweet, it is a well-known fact that I am not known for my mad skillz in the kitchen. For that reason, when I find something that works, and I mean really works, especially in the kitchen, I feel the need to share it.

And, for something to really work for me in the kitchen it must meet the following criteria.

  •  fast
  • easy
  • fail proof

What can I say? I am a simple girl who knows very little about the kitchen.

So, without further ado, may I present Julie’s Fabulous Fudge.

Actually, I didn’t invent the recipe, but if you’re copying it over to a fancy little recipe card, I’d love for you to think of me when you make it. Otherwise, you can call it Libby’s Peanut Butter Fudge. Libby is my neighbor and she also happens to be the source of this sweet little goldmine.

Truth be known it’s real name is probably ‘No Fail Fudge’ or ‘Five Minute Fudge’ or ‘The Quickest Fudge In The World’.

You can call it what you want.

 Whatever it’s called It Works For Me! You can visit the link to find other things that may work for you too!


1 tub of vanilla frosting

 18 ounce jar of JIFFY Peanut Butter

 Peel the seal off of a tub of vanilla frosting. Microwave it for 20 seconds. Mix vanilla frosting and jar of peanut butter in a microwavable container and microwave for two minutes.

Stir and pour mixture into an 8X8 {Longaberger} Baking Dish.

Allow fudge to harden.


 See, I told you it was quick and easy.

*For Variation: You can use chocolate frosting or add your favorite nut to the end mixture.

Head over to Kristen’s place for more holiday/entertaining/celebrating tips!

Disorderly Conduct

For years, I have struggled with my hair.

I want to have fabulous hair.

And by fabulous I mean, simple to style with a big finish.

Notice I said simple to style, not simply style until I get frustrated and quit. In high school I had a “big” finish. Or at least my bangs did!

Oh my word, there are bangs for days! Needless to say me and the Rave were friends. You remember the Rave, right? I also might have been known to wear hair bows and colored scrunchies, too!

I kept my hair long for a number of years, but I did scale the bangs back a bit.

Then, one day a year or so ago, I was having my hair trimmed when I noticed a piece of string on the top of my head. The following conversation followed:

ME:  Is that a string on the top of my head?

FRANK:  Um, that’s not a string.

ME:  Is that a gray hair?

FRANK:  Honey, there’s more than one up there.

ME: When can you get me in to highlight this mess?

That conversation resulted in a new era for me.

When I went back for gray removal highlights, I asked Frank for a fabulous new hair style. Preferably a style that I could do!

This is the before:

 As you can see, I used a small clip to pull the sides of my hair back. Then, I grabbed all of my bangs and curled  them under. To finish off the “do” I’d tease the ends of my hair for a bit of volume.



It’s interesting to note that I am standing with Jennifer Rothschild and Dr. Phil (her Dr. Phil). Her hair is fabulous. And she is blind. My hair is aptly labeled “mess” and this was actually a good hair day.

Frank gave me a fabulous, blonde style.

 Then, a week or so ago, I was in the chair again as Frank finished trimming my hair.

He squirted some goop in his hands (I hate goop!) and gently ran his fingers through the back of my hair giving it a little flip.

The same flip I have worked on for the past year.

Only, his flip was a cute flip and surprisingly, my hair didn’t feel like plastic after the goop.

Harps began to play.

Crickets began to sing.

And all was right in my world.

I asked Frank about the “miracle goop” and he showed me a tube of product called Disorder.

Ice Hair Dis-Order Elastic Gel

I was sold.

I asked Frank if I could buy a tube of the stuff and he informed me that the manufacturers are no longer making it and that once he sold all he had he would no longer be able to get it.

Just my friggin’ luck.

I am hoping that the folks at Joico get a whiff of this post and decide to continue making Disorder because folks, I’m telling you, this stuff works for me!

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