Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Last time we spoke, I was teetering on the edge praying that the replacement iPhone I received that day from Apple would accept the backup from iTunes from my original iPhone - after it was diagnosed with a bad battery – just as it was supposed to. I am pleased to report that everything went as planned, and within an hour or so, it was all set up, and my world started spinning again.

Things were a little iffy for a bit, but thankfully everything went according to plan.

Now, on to my next order of business…

Christmas is right around the corner. In other words, things are gettin’ serious. That means, it is time to buckle down and do some serious shopping if I intend to stick to my original word that I would have most of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. And just because I’m such a nice gal, I thought I should share some of the things I found while shopping online tonight, with you, my faithful readers.

All eight of you.

These items range in price from $2.00 to well, a lot more than that. But at least there’s something to fit every budget. And in the interest of full disclosure (because I’m not interested in going back to Jail) I am not being paid, pressured, or compensated in any way to promote any of these items. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

So there.

1. I love anything at all with my name on it (which explains why I have about fifteen monogrammed 31 bags), so it should come as no surprise that I just love these monogrammed ornaments.


2. No gift idea list of mine would be complete without at least one pair of shoes on it, because in my opinion, one can NEVER have too many shoes. I pinned these sandals several months ago and I absolutely love them. (And if McDaddy is lurking around here on the blog today… I would love these in a size nine – preferably in a more neutral color like black or brown.)

3. A few months ago I began carrying a purse I could sling over my shoulder. I found this one (Vera Bradley hipster) on sale at a military base exchange in Jacksonville over the summer and have been carrying it since. I absolutely love it because it allows me to be hands-free, and if it gets dirty, you can throw it right into the washer. (The print shown here is called “GO WILD” which is fitting, but I also love the new print Canterbury Cobalt.) Before we went to New York, I purchased the Backpack Tote in Canterbury Cobalt and it was perfect for carrying my DSLR Camera plus everything that I needed while touring the streets of New York City. (McDaddy, a hipster in Canterbury Cranberry, would be lovely.)

4. And speaking of DSLR’s, I am including this because it truly is one of the best purchases I have ever made. It is absolutely wonderful for capturing great moments on the baseball field no matter how far away you are sitting, though you can’t tell it from this out-of-focus picture I shot with my iPhone.

5. If you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer, look no further. I think I speak for women everywhere when I say that we go all-out crazy for a good Sharpie. These super-fine tip ones are awesome! (And if McDaddy could find them in colors other than black, I think he should totally get them for me!)

6. I live in West Virginia. It is hotter than you-know-what in the summer and colder than an Eskimo in a refrigerator in the winter. These gloves are so handy (Ha! I crack myself up!) because you can use your iPhone without removing them. My sister-in-law bought me this pair a few years back when she drew my name for Christmas.

7. If you have a friend who enjoys reading, this is a great read.

Sparkly Green Earrings, written by my favorite blogger friend, Melanie Shankle (and when I say, my favorite blogger friend, what I really mean is that I read her blog everyday and it is my favorite, not that we go eat Mexican every Thursday and discuss world problems, though if she lived closer I have no doubt we’d be fast friends) is easy-to-read and I’ve even read parts of it twice. I haven’t read very many books since getting my iPhone (Actually, I haven’t done much of anything since getting my iPhone) but I just knew this was going to be a great book. As is the case most of the time, I was right.

8. If you don’t have one of these,

what are you waiting on?

I am declaring the iPhone the best invention of my time, and it wouldn’t be caught dead without an Otter Box because GREAT PROTECTION.

9. Looking for some great smelling perfume?

Go getcha’ some of this. I wear Ralph Lauren’s romance everyday and I love it.

10. We go through some candles up in here. (And by we, I mostly mean, me, because McDaddy always makes some crack about a séance when I light them.)

You can’t go wrong with a Yankee Candle. (Well, unless you get the Winter Pine / Evergreen one, and then? You need to re-gift that stinky sucker as soon as possible!) Cranberry Chutney is my favorite. I have vanilla cupcake burning in my bathroom and banana nut bread burning just inches away from me. I also like Red Velvet, Vanilla frosting, spice cake and just about any other candle that smells like something I’d eat.

11. And last, but certainly not least (you knew this one was coming), it’s my absolute favorite gift of all the time.

And I suspect it will be for the better part of forever.

The Saturn Sky.

Only problem is, you’ll have to search online for a used one because Saturn went belly up years ago.

Well, that was fun!

Have a great week, y’all!

A List Of Things

It’s been a relaxing Sunday, partially because I have a sick little fella at home, but also because I’m operating on an extra hour of sleep (GLORY!). I knocked out most of the laundry and cleaned out and organized several problem areas up in here. And now, I’m praying that Stevie doesn’t get the throat crud too, or if he does get it, I hope it comes (AND GOES!) quickly, because McDaddy has planned a BIG 40th birthday celebration for us this weekend.

Watch out NYC, here we come!

I spent most of the weekend planning and plotting. And after figuring out that it’s gonna be nearly impossible to fit everything in that I want to do while we’re there, we’ve decided to book a tour of the city. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. If you’ve been to NYC and have any suggestions about what we should do, BY ALL MEANS, leave me a comment.

Here’s a few other things I’m pondering today…

1. I need my Tiffany’s bracelet cleaned and repaired. And it would be awesome if I could get it dipped to cover up the scratches, while I’m in NYC, too.

2. The David Letterman show is not taping while we’re in NYC. Figures.

3. Our boys are asking for an X-Box for Christmas. I know nothing about the X-Box. Which X-Box games and accessories do your kids like? (My boys are 8 and 11, and I am “very particular about the rating system.)

4. I recently started watching a show called The Governor’s Wife. It is a hoot. The Governor is 86. His wife is 35, and pregnant.

5. My sister-in-law Michelle and her four kids stayed with us over the weekend. She had never watched Honey Boo Boo. We laughed ourselves silly.

I have two loads of laundry that need folding before bed, so off I go. Have a great Monday, y’all.

Some Points Of Interest

1. I rarely ever talk about politics here on the blog. For one, I don’t know enough about foreign policy or the energy crisis to stir up a debate, and for two, ELECTION DAY HURRY UP AND GET HERE! I will say this however: If you are one of those people who spout off, calling people close-minded, misguided, stupid or foolish because they endorse a different candidate than you, please, for the love of all that is holy, STOP. IT.

2. For the past three days, ZAPPOS has been tempting me with some great shoes over in my side-bar. It seems that every time I open a window on my laptop, I have some really great shoes smiling at me. I’m fighting the urge to order these even though the last thing I need is another pair of tennis shoes. What can I say, except that I’m a sucker for pink. I’ll take these in a size 9, please.

And now? This exact pair shows up every time an ad pops up in my sidebar.

3. And speaking of shoes, have  I mentioned that I have created a monster? My sweet Alex loves shoes. He has approximately six or seven pair of tennis shoes. He takes great pride in matching his shoes to his outfit. That fact makes me smile.

4. But smiling hurts. When I went to bed on Saturday night, I was happy that the fever blister on my bottom lip was almost gone. When I got up on Sunday morning, I was so sad to discover that another one popped up on my top lip overnight. It hurts and it’s ugly. I’m guessing this is a direct result of the deployment stress I’m under.

5. Have you seen the Ohio State University Band perform their video-game themed half-time show against Nebraska? At 6:36 into the performance The OSU Band makes an incredible formation. As a past band-geek, I have a true appreciation for the work necessary to pull that off. I have one word. Superfreakinfabulous.

6. Our last fall baseball game is scheduled for Friday evening. Wouldn’t you know there is a 60% chance of rain that day. I think we’ve only played seven of our scheduled 20 games thanks to the rain. Rain, rain, go away.

7. McDaddy brought a new company car home yesterday. The 2011 Chevy Impala is old news. Welcome to the McFleet, Chevy Equinox.

8. Thanks to Scentsy’s Mocha-Doodle brick, my house smells divine. I love fall!

9. Maks and Kirstie were in the bottom two again. I was ready to swear off Dancing With The Stars if Maks got the boot before Bristol and Mark. I have to wonder if cutting off the goatee’ had anything to do with this week’s fall from glory.

10. I recently discovered an APP called InstaCollageFree. It is my newest favorite thing to do on my iPhone. There are endless possibilities and all kinds of choices. That equates to many-an-hour spent creating fun pictures.

 And just look how young the boys are in this next one.

You can expect to see many more collages in the weeks to come.

InstaCollage works for me

And now I’m off to fight the urge to buy look at some shoes.

50 Things I Will Never Do

Just for fun, here are 50 perfectly random things I will never do.

I know. Like you have anything better to do than to read about things that I will never do?

1. Eat an olive (Why would I?)
2. Go whitewater rafting. (My first and only whitewater rafting experience resulted in my falling out of the boat and getting trapped underneath it. I just knew I was seconds away from meeting Jesus.)
3. Allow a snake in this house.
4. Eat spaghetti without getting sauce on my shirt.
5. Enjoy change.
6. Ignore Legos all over the floor (OUCH!)
7. Choose Direct TV or DISH over my beloved TiVo.
8. Grow tired of holding little hands.
9. Or McDaddy’s hand.
10. Be a morning person. (Sorry McDaddy!)
11. Like to have my feet tickled.
12. Be completely caught up on laundry (UGH!!!)
13. Understand why adults don’t always do the right thing.
14. Quit using Q-tips.
15. Turn down a chance to spend a night away with McDaddy.
16. Be the “quiet” type. (Hard to believe, I know!)
17. Admit that it’s none of my business.
18. Enjoy clipping nails.
19. Be a Kathy Griffin fan.
20. Buy anything that smells like patchouli.
21. Get a spray tan.
22. Be all gung-ho to drive in snowy, icy weather.
23. Decide I don’t want a Saturn Sky.
24. Not smile when I walk in my front door.
25. Choose a Pepsi over a Coke.
26. Look forward to going to the Dentist.
27. Be a Kardashian fan. (I don’t get it!)
28. Understand the Kardashian fame. (I don’t get it!)
29. Have too many pairs of shoes.
30. Drink buttermilk (I’m not sure why you’d drink anything that smells like that).
31. Be able to walk in HIGH heels all lady-like
32. Get tired of staying in a hotel.
33. Lose the desire to buy one. more. purse.
34. Be good at math.
35. Sit through another friggin’ time-share pitch. (I’d rather have a tooth pulled!)
36. Not freak out at the sight of a huge bug.
37. Believe in astrology.
38. Be a great cook (I guess there’s still time…)
39. Be a bird lover.
40. Understand the whole Twilight business.
41. Forget what it was like to be pregnant.
42. Miss an opportunity to go out with the girls.
43. Eat cottage cheese (Holy smokes, HOW can people eat that mess?)
44. Ask “Do you know what you’re having?” ever again. Because sometimes the only thing people are having is too many Little Debbies.
45. Be too embarrassed to ask. (After all, the Bible says “Ye have not becuase ye ask not!)
46. Like sour candy.
47. Watch a UFC fight. (Seeing two people fight makes me physically sick to my stomach. It is beyond me how anyone could watch two people beat the snot out of each other till they bleed. I saw enough of that in Jail.)
48. Quit wondering if OJ really did it.
49. Ice-Skate (I can’t even walk straight half the time. Why would I put all this mess on two medal blades?)
50. Eat shrimp. (YUCK!)

How’s that for random?

Now it’s your turn? What will you NEVER do?

Cheap Entertainment

I am often entertained by the Feedjit box over in my sidebar because it allows me to find out all kinds of information about my readers, and their Google searches. (Which thrills me because I am the nosiest person I know!) Believe it or not, all of these phrases, except for one, were actual Google searches that led people to my blog.

See if you can guess which one does not belong.

1. Bus trip games
2. Toilet Paper rolls
3. Coach trip games
4. Church backgrounds
5. flag page personalities
6. little league baseball
7. recipe inlcudes sour cream
8. iPhone APP popular
9. letters to crazy people
10. what to send to inmates
11. shemar moore criminal minds
12. Mirena IUD blood pressure
13. lasik surgery for mothers
14. Maksim dwts
15. from inmates to playmates
16. princess tiara
17. love of fonts
18. Jail inmates

Can you guess which one does not belong?
I’ll announce the answer on Monday.