So Excited I Could Squeal!

August 31, 2012

I am sitting on the big, blue, bloggy couch watching the Republican National Convention. And before you click that red “X” in the corner, let me just say, I WILL NOT be talking about politics. Well, except to say that I’d rather poke my eyeballs out with a fork than listen to politicians during an […]

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You Capture – Green

July 1, 2010

For this week’s You Capture challenge, we were given three options. Hands. Chairs. Green. I immediately eliminated chairs, because? Well, because chairs seemed boring to me. I fully intended to go with hands because my sweet boys have sweet little hands.  But then I found myself up at midnight with some free time and my sweet […]

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Thursday Thirteen – 13 Recent Visitors

January 28, 2010

It’s time for another fun edition of Where Did You Come From?  Amused, as always! Check it out! 1. Willmar, Minnesota arrived from google.com on “One Of Those Dreaded Christmas Letters” by searching for christmas letters that people have written. Welcome, Willmar! I’m so glad you stopped by! I hope you enjoyed my past Christmas […]

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You Capture – Color

January 27, 2010

 This week’s You Capture challenge was an easy one. It was also a lot of fun because I love bright colors! My purse…  My Cuban umbrella…  Not my favorite fruit, but certainly my favorite color,  A colorful Longaberger pottery pitcher, And speaking of color, look what a little color can do for a blank white […]

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You Capture – Around The House

January 21, 2010

For today’s You Capture, Beth challenged us to find love around your home. This was an easy (and great) challenge because there are so many things in our home that I love!  I chose thirteen things because, well, it’s Thursday and that’s what I do on Thursdays! 1. My bed – OH. MY. LANDS. I […]

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One Smart Cookie

December 22, 2009

I thought about saving this post for Wednesday. But it dawned on me that maybe, just maybe a few of you might be wanting to know the outcome of my cookie exchange and whether or not my cookie earned me the cookie crown at the 2009 Cookie Exchange hosted by my BFF, Becky. First, meet […]

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Lines, Lines Everywhere there’s Lines

December 10, 2009

Lines. Lines. And more lines. I wait in my share of them. Lucky for y’all I decided not to bore you with pictures of the car-pool line at school, the line at the Doctor’s office, or the line of children waiting to check out at Santa’s Workshop this week. Santa’s workshop warrants a whole blog […]

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Thursday Thirteen – With A Little Help From Google

November 19, 2009

So, it’s time for another thirteen of something. McDaddy is home this evening and we’re watching Grey’s Anatomy. Did I mention that Grey’s Anatomy is a great show? Because it is. It really is. Today, I thought we’d consult Google for some help with today’s Thursday Thirteen. So, in the words of Simon Cowell, off […]

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Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen Things From Stevie

September 30, 2009

Hello Internets! Today’s Thursday Thirteen will be a little different than what you’re used to. I thought it might be fun to shake things up a bit. So, I gave Stevie my camera and instructed him to snap pictures of 13 things in our house that he wanted to show you. Besides some technical help from me (and you […]

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Cleaning The Bathroom

September 8, 2009

I’m sure that title just screams, “I can’t wait to read this post!” Hopefully you’ll stick around despite the not-so-creative-title. It’s all I could come up with at this late, exhausting hour. And speaking of cleaning, I sure hope you’ll excuse the mess. From Inmates To Playdates is being overhauled, so you may encounter some error messages or caution […]

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