What I Learned This Week


It has been such a crazy week.

Remember how every several months I come here and tell you all about some type of medical crazy? Well, I am pleased to report that it is that time again. Yes, you heard that right.

More. Medical. Drama. (I know you are so excited!)

I have learned so much this week.

First of all (and most importantly!) I learned that I’ve really missed this

face on Dancing With The Stars.

Welcome back, Maks, and YAY for an Olympic gold medal partner!


First thing I learned was that NeNe Leakes was on my nerve before she ever stepped foot on the dance floor. (And since we’re sharing what we learned this week, I learned that NeNe Leake’s real name is Linnethia Monique Leakes.)

Here’s all the other (non-dancing, medical-related) things I learned this week.

1. Shingles only occur on one side of the body and do not cross the mid line.

2. Shingles is also called herpes zoster

3. Shingles can present in several different ways. It can begin with itching, tingling, or pain in a certain area, followed by a band, strip, or small area of rash may occur a few days later. The rash then turns into clusters of blisters. The blisters fill with, well, nastiness. And then you’re looking at several more weeks of recovery.

4. When one of your ears looks like the one on left, you have a problem.

A serious problem.

5. The swollen, redness like that on the left ear might be shingles. Or it might be soft tissue infection. Staph infection. MRSA. Or any number of difficult-to-diagnose conditions.

6. A left ear like that one up there HURTS like heck.

7. There’s a reason you’re called a patient at a Doctor’s office.

8. I am not good at being a patient.

9. According to an emergency room nurse I met today, 11:00 AM to noon on a Monday is the worst time to come to the emergency room.

10. It is possible to get in AND out of the Emergency Room in less than four hours.

That’s what I learned this week.

Now, what did YOU learn?

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Letters To Crazy People (Olympic Edition)

Dear Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat,

When you use opening moves directly from the film “Dirty Dancing” in your figure skating routine to “Time of My Life,” – YOU. WIN. Period.

Thanks for putting a smile on my face,

A Dirty Dancing Fan from WAY BACK


Dear Bob Costas,

I am so happy that your eye is all healed up. Although Matt Lauer did a fine job filling in for you, somehow the Olympics are just not the same without you.

Eye I appreciate you,

A Loyal Olympic Viewer


Dear Apolo Ohno,

Speed Skating isn’t nearly as fun to watch without you in it. OHNO, it’s not! Enjoyed your commentary though!

Oh YES, I’m talking about you again,



Dear NBC,


These stories you all run night after night always bring tears to my eyes. The Russian adopted gal, the Canadian skier and his disabled brother with cerebral palsy, the young female snowboarder who was instrumental in bringing the half-pipe to Olympics, Steven Holcomb’s cornea problems, and OH MY WORD, I could just prattle ON AND ON AND ON with these stories. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for bringing us these special moments.

Writing this through tear-filled eyes,

One Highly Emotional Gal


Dear Johnny Weir,

MY MY MY. Why not just add a “D” to the end of your name and call it a day?

Your wardrobe choices were over the top and the weave, well, the weave was funky.

I guess I just don’t get it.

Shaking My Head,

A Fashion Consultant Wannabe


Dear Slovenia,

Your lime green and turquoise color scheme is simply beautiful. I would love to have a jacket and matching toboggan like those worn by Slovenia ski fans, only without the whole Slovenia name on them.

Can somebody hook a girl up?

Crossing My Fingers,

A bright, cheerful girl from USA.


Dear International Figure Skating Committee,

There HAS TO BE a simpler way to score figure skating so that we ice skating fans could better understand it.

Math has never been my strong suit, but I think that even I could come up with something a little less complicated.

Can one of you get on that before PyeongChang, please?

Thanks so much,

An Olympic Figure Skating Fan


And with that, the 2014 Olympic Winter Games are finished.

Have a great week, y’all!









Thursday Thirteen – The Olympics

I have been in an Olympic frenzy this whole week. My DVR hasn’t had much rest and I have spent almost every waking moment (at home) parked in front of the television cheering for Team USA. For that reason, it seems only natural that I would share my observations with you (while watching half-pipe and figure skating).

1. Shaun White - Y’all. First of all, he looks so grown up with that short hair. And secondly, OHMYWORD, how disappointing for him to not even make the podium in this, his third Olympics, but bless his heart for being so gracious to the gold-medal Swiss snow-boarder. And lastly, I can’t help but wonder if things might have gone differently if the pipe conditions had been better.

2. Can you imagine living life looking like Kirsten Moore-Towers from Canada. She is so cute, I would like to carry her around in my pocket.

Oh, and as an added bonus, she is so graceful on the ice.

2. I absolutely love the bright pink cat-suit worn by Russian figure skater, Tatiana Volosozhar. As it turns out, she and partner Maxim Trankov skated to Pink Panther.

3. I miss American short track speed skating eight-time medalist Apolo Ohno. Watching short track speed skating just isn’t the same without him. I have enjoyed his Olympic coverage commentary, though.

4. Pee-wee Herman showed up in Sochi and he brought an inflated red latex glove lapel decoration with him.

The day before, he dawned a bright pink jacket that matched Bob Costas’ eye. (Stevie asked if he was wearing the “pink coat” for Breast Cancer awareness day.)

5. I have never in my life, with the exception of the Olympics heard anyone refer to the sport of curling, ever. And to be honest, I didn’t really understand the point of the “sport” until I consulted Wikipedia. It referred to curling as chess on ice. Oh, and also SNOOZE.

6. I am completely in awe of those who compete in free style skiing. To fly through the air backwards and also ski downhill backwards, oh yes ma’am, super impressive.

7. Is it just me, or did Bob Costas’ one infected eye turn into two infected eyes right before our very eyes? Sweet mercy, are there no antibiotics in Sochi, Russia? I keep trying to figure out how he keeps from poking his eyeballs out on live television because THE BURN!

8. Either Matt Lauer has aged quite a bit in the last few months, or he made a decision to quit coloring his hair. Either way, I’d much rather look at Matt’s gray hair, than Bob’s runny pink eyes.

9. Earlier in the week, Russian cross-country skier (and medal favorite) Anton Gafarov crashed on a downhill corner as he made his way down the course. After the crash, he attempted to make it to the finish line – with a broken ski. (He reminded me of an injured dog dragging his back leg.) When Canadian cross-country ski coach Justin Wadsworth spotted Gafarov trying to make his way to the finish line, Wadsworth grabbed a spare ski, approached Gafarov, kneeled down and replaced the broken ski without uttering one word. In true Olympic spirit, Gafarov finished the race three minutes behind the other finishers. But, he finished.

10. Tears ran down my face while watching the story of Olympic moguls gold medalist Alex Bilodeau with his brother Frederic who suffers from cerebral palsy. When interviewed, Alex said that Frederic is his inspiration and helps keep him grounded. Oh my sweet mercy, just look at these two.


11. And what about US long track speed skater, Sugar Todd? I smile every time I hear her name. God bless her momma’s heart.

12. Are the khaki pants and khaki ski jackets the best we can do for our US Ski team? And while we’re on the subject of Olympic attire, I would like to say that I wasn’t too hip on the ”ugly Christmas sweaters” worn by the US Olympic team during opening ceremonies, either. I guess Ralph Lauren forgot to consult with me before approving that nonsense.

13. Just for fun, I checked the prices of several Olympic venue tickets. A “cheap” ticket to the men’s free skate competition (which includes the medal ceremony) costs 3000 Russian Rubbles which is $86.15 in American dollars. A ticket to the Closing Ceremony, on the other hand would set you back $129.22. And if you’re planning to travel to Sochi to just hang out in Olympic Park? Well, that will cost you $11. per day.

You’re welcome.


Commentating From The Couch

I am sitting on my big, blue, bloggy couch watching the first events of the 22nd Olympic Games. I cannot convey to you how excited I am, and we are only two hours into the spectacle. Each Olympic year, for the better part of two weeks, I soak up every single moment I can, cheering loudly and proudly for Team USA as they compete for the gold.

Yes, I am a nerd.

I have been looking forward to the 2014 Winter Olympics since the last-minute of the closing ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. I am an Olympic junkie, and have watched them for as long as I can remember.

My favorite winter Olympic event is figure skating. Whenever we watch I’m watching figure skating coverage, McDaddy asks, “Is that what they call a triple klutz?” after every jump. And each time he asks that question it makes me think about all of the times I skated around the kitchen floor in my socks years ago pretending to be Katarina Witt. I won’t mention the number of times I busted my tail trying to do a double toe-loop in sock feet.

But yeah, klutz.

I spent some time this afternoon clearing the daily docket on my TiVo to make room for the hours of Olympic coverage the boys will miss because they have to sleep at night. I am recording most of the events, but decided to skip hockey, cross-country skiing and biathlon, because SNOOZE. The Luge, Skeleton (I just love that word!) and Speed Skating are also favorites of mine, though speed skating won’t be nearly as exciting, now that Apolo Ohno made the decision to hang up his skates. Instead, he’ll be starring in Subway commercials and sitting at the speed skating commentator table.

I have two words in response to that.


The boys have mentioned several times over the last few weeks that they want to take snowboarding lessons the next time we go skiing. To add to their excitement, my dad bought – what he identified as – a snowboard at a yard sale. With a $29.99 price tag from Dick’s on the thing, I have my doubts, but the boys don’t seem to mind. They have declared they intend to try it out at the first sign of snow .

Heaven, help me.

Who knows? Maybe my two sweet fellas will get their Olympic snowboarding start on the hill beside of our house on a yard-sale snow board.

Watch out, Shaun White!

If snowboarding doesn’t pan out, I suppose they can always fall back on their second favorite sport.


Y’all, there are few things I’d love more than cheering on my baby boys at the 2022 winter Olympic games.

They could be just like those three Dufour-Lapointe sisters from Canada.

A momma can dream, can’t she?

For now, I’ll have to be content commentating from the couch, and whooping it up for Team USA. Oh, and don’t forget clapping and crying each and every time I hear our National Anthem, because that’s what I do.

Do America proud, Team USA!

I Come From A Long Line Of Loud

I have to be honest, after the big life-altering announcement of FINALLY GETTING A SKY, and a 20-year tribute to McDaddy, what else is there to possibly blog about that is even remotely interesting?

I mean really, how do you keep that kind of momentum going?

All I know is that I feel like a kid with a new video game. The kind of video game that makes you ask your mom 4,218 times a day to play. It is, anything and everything I thought it would be.

Multiplied by 218.

And that’s only after driving it a total of three days.

It’s still so hard to believe that I own a SKY.

And obviously, by “I” own a sky, I totally mean “we” own a sky because McDaddy is the only working adult in the house and without him the SKY would not be possible. I just had to throw that out there.

On the off chance that you missed the post introducing the SKY, here it is,

I smile just thinking about it.

And I guess I’m to the point in the post that I should promise not to prattle on and on about the car. Let’s move on, shall we?

Here are some other things that are on my mind today. In no particular order.

1. For the past few weeks, I have found myself watching (and actually enjoying) major league baseball with the boys. It’s one of those things I would have never thought about before having children, especially when you consider the quality television programming that’s on these days.

2. And speaking of quality television programming, is it time for Big Brother, yet?

3. If there was a “loudest kid” contest, I have no doubt that my oldest could win it. What can I say, I come from a long line of loud.

4. Do you play Words With Friends? If so, look me up – I’m JulieWV. I’ve noticed a significant decline in the amount of players that play regularly and could use a few more dedicated opponents.

5. Why does a hot-tub have so much appeal to young children who have been told to stay out of it?

6. McDaddy and I have talked about getting rid of our home phone. I know deep down we wouldn’t miss much by not having it, but the thought of my iPhone battery being dead or not having service scares me. Any of you all without “land lines” have similar problems?

7. A hotel pool is a really dumb place for three children to have a swimming lesson with two instructors, especially when there are five other kids in the pool trying to play and have fun.

8. I LOVE SUMMER – especially the late nights and late mornings.

9. The Olympics will begin on July 27th. I am so excited to watch Michael Phelps Team USA! Man, it would be so much fun to go to London next month.

It just dawned on me that three of the nine items on this list relate to television in some way. Could this post be any more lame?

Like I said, hard to keep up the momentum…