Sad Stuff

An Ordinary Day

February 18, 2010

Thirteen months have passed, yet it still seems like yesterday. Unsuspectingly, I drive by the sight and feel a boulder emerge in my throat. I bite my lip in an effort to hold back the tears. Unsummoned, I feel the tears coming. I look up in my rear-view mirror to catch a glimpse of a […]

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I’m In Love With This Sky

June 7, 2009

If you’ve spent any amount of time around the hallowed halls of Inmates, then you know how much I LOVE the Saturn Sky. I have dedicated countless posts to my love and feeble attempts of getting one for free of this sweet, sexy ride. Last night, on our local news, it was announced that General Motors would […]

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May 25, 2009

Today is a day set aside to remember those who have passed away. My heart is heavy thinking of three sweet people in my life. I am thinking of my friend, Jonathan who was killed on January 10th of this year in a car accident. His death has been very difficult for me and I […]

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