Thursday Thirteen – 13 Things I Did Today

The good news is: Grey’s Anatomy started back up tonight.

The bad news is: It is hard to concentrate on this blog post.

Just for fun, here are 13 things I did today.

In no particular order.

1. Tried out two new recipes, tonight. One for Momma’s Creamy Baked Macaroni and Cheese, and the other for slow cooker pork. One was great, the other was BLECH!

2. Watched a painfully long baseball game.

3. Helped pop 180 bags of popcorn at Alex’s school today.

4. Heard that the trip McDaddy and I made to the Middle School last week, as well as the phone call to the Superintendent of Schools paid off. (It’s going to be a l-o-n-g four years, y’all.)

5. Cleaned the windshield, headlights and taillights on the SKY.

6. Drove with the top up to drop Stevie at school, and then drove topless to pick Alex up from school.

7. Gathered all iPhone charger cords to figure out which ones work and which ones don’t. (Y’all there is madness in the iPhone chargers!)

8. Had a late lunch at McDonald’s with two friends after popping popcorn at the school.

9. Fixed Alex a “cold lunch” because he didn’t want the ham and cheese sandwich offered at school.

10. Banged on a pot with a wooden spoon [AGAIN] when CARD SERVICES called.

11. Fussed at the kids for their messy rooms.

12. Emptied the dishwasher (as I do, each and every day!)

13. Lighted my yummy Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake candle.

 What have you done today?

Thursday Thirteen – Watch This!

Yes, you read that right. I decided to resurrect Thursday Thirteen, mostly because I am at a loss about what to blog about, but also because my friend Becky has been waiting for months for me to bring Thursday Thirteen back.

I had originally thought a Thursday Thirteen about the newest edition to our family would be fun. But I’d like to wait until I have some really good pictures of her before publishing the post, so stay tuned for that. It promises to be a doozie.

Instead, I thought we’d talk about my favorite television shows.

Sweet holy Moses I hope you’re not in a hurry to get out of here because y’all know that I am a television junkie, and I could go on and on for days.

Seriously, if I had an addiction, television would be it.

And Dr. Pepper.

Oh, and Words With Friends, too.

But today we’re talking about me and my television habits, so I’ll stick to the plan.

My thirteen shows are presented in no particular order.

1. Desperate Housewives – I love this show, probably because I am one. I can relate to each of the housewives in one way or another. When I’m wearing my three inch black Tommy Hilfiger boots, I feel like Gabby, but when I’m tripping over my own feet I feel like Susan. When I’m baking McDaddy a batch of chocolate-chip cookies, I’m doing it Bree style (Bree style! I crack myself up!) only without half the etiquette. And of course, in my everyday life, I am crazy, hair-brained Lynette.

But at least Tom’s a hottie, right?

2. Grey’s Anatomy - In my humble opinion, Grey’s Anatomy has some of the best writing on TV. I say some because there is one story line I could do without. I read somewhere that the medical conditions presented on the show are honest-to-goodness conditions that have recently been presented in some of the finest hospitals. And since I’m always in the market for a diagnosis of my latest medical malady, watching Grey’s surely can’t hurt. Plus, how can I not love a show that features a McDreamy, and a McSteamy. The only thing I can’t figure out is why Justin Chambers hasn’t been given a McName. He totally deserves one, but it can’t be McDaddy because that name has already been taken.

3. The Young and the Restless – I have been a faithful Y&R viewer for most of my life. I first remember watching Y&R when I was in the 6th grade. Don’t judge. I recognize that I was more than a little young for all of that. The good news is that I was limited to summer viewing because at that time the show wasn’t important enough for me to record it on the VCR. (For you young guns, the VCR came just before the DVR).  For more than 25 years I’ve been tuning into the happenings of Genoa City, Wisconsin. I’ve been to every one of Victor and Nikki’s weddings, and I even remember watching Katherine Chancellor’s on-air facelift back in 1984. Still to this day, I am a huge fan and I tune in daily.

4.  Dancing With The Stars – I’ll give you three reasons why I love this show. 1. Maksim Chmerkovskiy, 2. Derek Hough, 3. Mark Ballas. But mostly just Maks. Not sure who came up with this concept, but I’m thankful. And did I mention because Maks and his booty is on there?

5. American Idol – I love everything about American Idol, but I mostly love the coverage of the audtion weeks. McDaddy and I get into this big discussion every season about how they just like to embarass the contestants that really can’t sing. I say if you’re dumb enough to audtion with a nasty, raspy, out of tune voice, then we should get to watch it.

6. The View – I know. I know. This one is bad. I said I KNOW. Still, I tune in everyday, mostly so I can keep up with Hot Topics. How could I not love listening to five ladies try to talk over top of each other. Barbara gets on my last nerve pretty often, but there’s one in every bunch.

7. Mike & Molly – It is refreshing to see “normal” people on television. Plus, Molly is hysterical.

8. Toddlers & Tiaras - This one might be worse than The View, but I can’t stop watching it. A few, Some, Most of those parents are off. the. hook and living in a dream world.

9. Wheel of Fortune – I don’t watch this one very often because I don’t normally watch television at 7PM, but, in all honesty, years of watching Wheel of Fortune probably explains why I enjoy “Hanging With Friends” so much.

10. Criminal Minds – This one should be a no-brainer, seeing as how I worked with hardened criminals and shady convicts. Still, I rarely figure out who the “unsub” is until the BAU (Behavior Analysis Unit) has them at gun-point. McDaddy though? Nails it everytime.

11. Body of Proof – Dana Delaney is a surgeon turned medical examiner, and just like Criminal Minds, it shouldn’t surprise you.  

12 – Amazing Race – McDaddy and I were faithful viewers of Amazing Race until we repeatedly missed 94% of the show because Sunday night football took over the spot on the DVR where Amazing Race should have been. I’m an all or nothing kind of girl, so I just removed it from the DVR docket. Problem solved.

13. Undercover Boss – Not sure if this one is even on the air this season, but I never watched one single episode without crying. What can I say, except that I’m a big cry baby. I loved watching the transformation of the bosses and hearing the stories of their employees. Kudos to whomever came up with this idea.

And there you have it. My thirteen favorites.

I’m sure that Becky is somewhere smiling behind her laptop. (Call me Beck, we need to do breakfast!)

Happy Thursday, y’all!

American Idol Recap – Top 13

THIS is American Idol. I love that Ryan makes those four little words so dramatic.

Oh yes ma’am, you guessed it. When I heard the words Top 13, I knew immediatly that I’d be doing a Thursday Thirteen recap post as I watched American Idol because I have an opinion about everybody and everything and why not share it in real time? (Or almost real time).

Lauren Alaina  (Any Man Of Mine) -  I love Shania Twain and I like Lauren. I always feel bad for the first one out of the gate. By the end of the night it’s hard to remember the first performance and I don’t think Lauren did enough to make it memorable. She was memorable during auditions and she shoulda stuck with something that woulda stuck out. (That’s a lot of stuck, don’t you think?) It reminds me of a karaoke CD we have around here somewhere. I do think she is pretty as a doll, though.

Casey Abrams  (With A Little Help From My Friends) – First of all, I think Casey’s beard makes him look a lot older than he really is. With that said, I think that boy can really sang. Ladies and gentleman, Casey knocked it out the park. When that gospel-y choir came out it added another level of awesomeness to his performance and the raspiness of his voice just topped the whole thing off. And THAT ladies and gentleman is how you make yourself memorable. His performance was so great that Steven Tyler said something about a “plethora of passion” whatever that means. Am I the only one that gets lost in Steven Tyler’s intellectual profoundness?

Ashton Jones  (When You Tell Me That You Love Me) – On a fashion note, Ashton’s dress is adorable. I love the color and I love the hangy sleeve. She did a good job, but nothing about her performance made her stand out, unless you count her hair because it does make her stand out.

How many times can Jennifer Lopez utter the word amazing in a two-hour time period?

Paul McDonald  (Come Pick Me Up) – McDaddy pointed out that Paul looks a lot like Kenny Loggins, and that’s funny to me because his dance moves are a little, well, footloose. I have never heard this song and chances are I won’t remember it three minutes from now. The performance didn’t do much for me, but his jacket/shirt combo did.

Pia Toscano  (All By Myself) – CHILLS. Pia is singing this song as if she is all by herself on that big stage and not being watched by millions of people. Very few people have been successful when singing Celine’s songs on The Idol (as I’m sure Randy will point out ) because most of them don’t have the chops. Pia. has. the. chops. In the words of Steven Tyler, you just slammed it.

James Durbin (Maybe I’m Amazed) – James reminds me of Adam Lambert, only without the guy-liner. He did a wonderful job tonight and I am surprised that he can sing Judas Priest one week and Paul McCartney the next. Both, with great success.

Either James is extremely tall or Ryan is a midget.

Haley Reinhart (Blue) – I loved this song when LeAnn Rimes sang it and I still love it today. Haley didn’t put much originality into the performance, but I liked it and thought she did a great job. Not sure what planet Randy was on, but that performance was anything but boring. Dawg, I must say I disagree.

Jacob Lusk (I Believe I Can Fly) – Oh. Shucks. Anytime the gospel choir enters the scene, I automatically give out bonus points. Jacob has a set of pipes and he sure as heck showed them off tonight. He made it look effortless. Very nice.

Thia Megia (Smile) – Is it just me or did something big happen in the middle of this song? And by big, I mean some sort of sound malfunction. I wasn’t overly impressed with this performance, but I thought she did a good job. Especially when you consider the fact that she is only fifteen years old.

Stefano Langone  (Lately) - Love Stefano. He did his thing and I was tapping my toe. The arrangement was crazy different but I liked it. I’ve been rooting for Stefano since he sang “I Need You Now” the song that won him a wildcard spot in the Top 13. Very talented, that boy.

Karen Rodriguez (I Could Fall In Love) – I, for one, was happy that Karen sang in English. I don’t feel quite as connected to the singers when they sing in another language. She might as well have been first out of the gate because I won’t remember that performance after the commercial.

Scotty McCreery (The River) – I was just sure Scotty was going to bust out his infamous ”Baby, lock the door and turn the lights down low” and even if that were the case, I would have loved it. I think Scotty is a cutie patootie with a very distinctive voice.  Scotty, I just love you! I know your mama is proud!

Naima Adedapo (Umbrella) – Sheesh, it took me three tries to get her name spelled right. I cant imagine what Kindergarten must have been like for her. Naima’s got a lot going on with that get-up she’s wearing, but she seems very comfortable on stage, and I give props to anyone who can dance like that. That arrangement was off the hook and I had a hard time keeping up. She is definitely a unique individual and I enjoyed her performance.

Best of the night: Pia, Jacob and Scotty

Should go: Thia or Karen

What did y’all think?

Thursday Thirteen – Smiles

I have six or seven drafts ready for Thursday thirteen but each Wednesday when I’m deciding which one to use, none of them seem to grab me. So, today I thought we’d talk about thirteen things that make me smile.

1. When dropping Stevie off at school this morning, the gym teacher commented that he wished all kids “were as good as this one is.” Oh sweet Moses, my heart swelled. I often wonder what I ever did to deserve such a sweet blessing.

2. Mike and Molly – If you haven’t seen this show, YOU NEED TO. It comes on Tuesday nights on CBS. In last week’s episode I laughed because Mike’s mom - as she was preparing for surgery – sat down to discuss her final wishes with her son. Low and behold she pulled out a casket brochure and explained to Mike that she wished to have a solid mahogany casket. I laughed out loud because she is my people. As you may recall that is the casket I’ve picked out too. I cracked the heck up and wondered to myself if the Mike and Molly writers read my blog.

3. My new kitchen rugs. My new rugs are from K-mart and they make me smile because they remind me of spring and becuase they match my kitchen beautifully. AND because they are not soiled with spaghetti sauce or syrup. YET.

4. ‘Words With Friends’ friends – I can’t remember what I ever did with all my free time before there was such a thing as Words With Friends in my life. Most of the ‘friends’ I play are IRL (in real life) friends. The others are URL friends consisting of blog readers or blog friends. One opponent is a person I ‘met’ through twitter. I am thankful for these folks, especially the ones I can count on to make plays in a timely manner. I smile even bigger when I make a 161 point play – the word jeez in case you’re wondering - against a player who admittedly wants to mule kick anyone beating him by 100 points or more.

Yes, I said mule kick.

5. My chair.

I know y’all are so tired of hearing about the chair, but I must tell you I smile each and every time I look at it, sit in it, or move it. My favorite thing about the chair is that it can easily be turned to face the television or turned to face the couch and love seat. It makes me all kinds of happy and was worth every bit of trouble I went through to get it. (Oh, and see that door back there? The yellow door? It is now blue and you can read all about that, here.)

6. Homemade Valentines – I saw this cute Valentine project several years ago and forgot all about it until my URL friend Becca posted them again on her blog. I daresay I am officially in the running for mother of the year.

7. The Gym – It takes all I can muster to hit the gym but once I get there I give it 110% until my foot falls asleep and starts burning. Still, I know my heart thanks me and I know that I’ll be smiling when I start seeing major results.

8. My three special fellas – Sometimes I feel like I’m the luckiest girl alive. I am blessed beyond measure.

9. American Idol – I have been a fan since the very first season. I loved the Simon, Paula and Randy tenure, but I’m loving this new family just as well. I’m excited for another great season.

10. 80 degrees – OH MY GOSH it has been so long since we’ve seen an 80 degree day here in WV. I PINKY SWEAR PROMISE I WILL smile at the first sign of it. I’ve heard all I want to hear about the cold and the snow and the ice and the winter storm advisory and the wind chill and the slick roads and the blah blah blah…

11. Facebook – I know it sounds lame but Facebook makes me smile daily. The information that people choose to share on a public forum fascinates me and I am just nosy enough to check it all out.

12. Breakfast with the girls – Once every couple of weeks I get together with girlfriends for breakfast. Some days there are just two of us, but some weeks the stars align and all five of us get together. We most generally ALWAYS go to iHop where I have the pancake platter with eggs over medium and buttermilk pancakes. I also request that they don’t burn my hash browns because I hate burnt stuff.

13. Is there any question about this one?

No I didn’t think so.


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Thursday Thirteen – Favorites

My friend Becky has been pestering me about Thursday Thirteen for a few months. I haven’t been doing a Thursday Thirteen because I always participate in You Capture and it’s hard to write two posts every Wednesday night. I made a promise earlier in the week to bring Thursday Thirteen back this week. 

So, without further ado, may I present to you, Thursday Thirteen: My Favorite Things.

(And speaking of my favorite things, you should go here right quick and sign up to win some of my favorite things. Just like Oprah, only NOT.)

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

I’ll be sharing a few of my other favorite things.

1. My favorite Poptart – Chocolate fudge. For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of the poptart. In fact, my twin brothers and I used to hide them from one another. None of the other Kelloggs poptarts even come close, especially when you consider the awesomeness of the chocolate fudge poptart after it has been toasted and dunked into a glass of ice-cold milk.

2. My favorite soft drink – No real surprise here. Dr. Pepper takes it with a landslide UNLESS I am in a restaurant and THEN I would rather have a coke. For some reason, Dr. Pepper straight out of the fountain does not taste the same to me.

3. My favorite iPhone APP – This one is so, so hard because I have six screens full of APPS. As a matter of fact, I could spend half the day browsing the APP store because it is so easy to get caught up in all of the hype and excitement of whatwilltheythinkofnext? I am waiting for an APP that will dust my house. (Are you listening Steve Jobs?) Without question though, I’d have to say that I spend more time on Words With Friends than any other APP, except for maybe, Facebook so it is only fitting that I would choose it as my favorite. (Oh, and if you’re in the market for another opponent on Words With Friends, I’m Juliewv).

4. My favorite You Tube video – A few weeks ago a friend of mine posted a You Tube video on the Facebook. As I watched it, I laughed like a crazy person especially when she said, “This snow has set me back!” I knew I had found my people and since watching her video for the first time I’ve Googled her, Facebooked her, You Tubed her and now I’m blogging about her. So, yeah, she’s funny! If you need a laugh, you should definitely watch this one.

5. My favorite hottie – This is a tough one because y’all know there are a lotof hotties out there. When I typed the words favorite and hottie, of course McDaddy is the first hottie I thought of. That’s a given around here though, so I should say My favorite second hottie. One hottie immediately came to mind and I thought it might be wise to take some time to think on this one before putting it out there. I made it all the way to number eight here on my list and then decided to lock in this choice. When I first saw this particular hottie, he was a star on The Young and The Restless. Currently, he plays FBI Agent Derrick Morgan on Criminal Minds which means that he gets to show off his muscles mad acting skills as he plays Mr. Bang Bang Shootem’ Up tough guy.

My favorite hottie: Shemar Moore

Sweet holy Moses, he’s a cutie.

6. My favorite month – I’d have to say July simply because there is not one. single. day. of school during the month of July which means I don’t have to answer to my stupid alarm clock. Otherwise, I would pick October because I love fall and the beautiful changing colors and it is not 312 degrees.

7. My favorite talk show – The View. (Insert eye roll here). I have watched The View for several years and part of the reason is because of the hot topics segment. I just love Whoopie Goldberg as moderator even though I don’t always agree with her thoughts. While I am not particularly fond of their constant talking over top of one another, I can certainly see how it could happen. So much to say, so little time.

I get it.

8. My favorite cereal – Lucky Charms. I have always been a big fan of cereal. In the words of my granny, “I can eat cereal when I can’t eat anything else.”

9. My favorite color – Orange. It’s bold and bright and loud. Just like, well never mind.

10. My favorite way to spend an hour – MASSAGE!

Did you hear me, McDaddy? I said a massage. Valentine’s Day is coming up AND I’m trying to help you out here.

11. My favorite blogger – Big Mama. Y’all. There are hundreds, probably thousands of talented bloggers out there, so believe me when I say there are many more I could add to my list of favorites. Melanie has a knack for telling a story and she is where I go for MY daily dose of crazy. The difference is she’s not nearly as goofy as I am. Oh, and plus she’s way more talented than I am.

12. My favorite restaurant – Olive Garden. Since my first visit to Olive Garden (in Los Angeles) back in the 80’s, it ranked among my favorite restaurants. I was a teenager and it was quite possibly the fanciest restaurant I had ever been to. Not long after that, the Olive Garden popped up in Charleston, WV (we are always a bit behind the times) and it is now my favorite. I have only ever ordered spaghetti with meat sauce, salad and bread sticks. And if I’m feeling particularly rowdy, I might also order tiramisu. In my humble opinion, there isn’t a better dinner out there.

13. My favorite soup – Potato.  A big bowl of potato soup in perfect harmony with a handful of shredded cheese and chunks of cornbread on a cold day is hard to beat.

Happy Thursday, y’all!